Dr. Kathryn V. Kline

Licensed Psychologist



I am a psychologist practicing in Dupont Circle, providing therapy for clients with a variety of problems, concerns, and experiences. I am passionate about connecting with individuals on a deep level to help them improve their lives.

In addition to the information you find here, please feel free to contact me to learn more about my practice. Together, we can determine how I can help you. 

My Specialties




life transitions

  • Difficulty trusting or getting close with others

  • Trouble with dating or intimacy

  • Working with challenging family dynamics

  • Difficulty feeling understood by others

  • Identity exploration (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation)

  • Understanding your needs, wishes, and values

  • Discovering patterns in your life and learning to manage them

  • Never feeling like you're "enough"

  • Questioning how much others value you

  • Inability to sustain self-confidence

  • Feeling "empty"

  • Grief and loss

  • Career guidance

  • Preparing for a new life phase